Home automation

Through home automation, you can drastically cut energy consumption, improve comfort, extend communications and enjoy a higher quality of life.

Imaging opening a door for a repairman with your cellular telephone or monitoring your home from the golf course.  We can help you design a plan that will allow you to realize the potential of today’s technology.  Better yet, by integrating energy savings through automation, you may actually pay for the system.

Home theater

Why go to the theatre when you can enjoy a superior experience at your place? Whatever you envision in a home theater, Davenport can bring it home. Our design and engineering professionals will generate detailed, customized networks and acoustical treatment specifications to ensure that you will receive the best performance possible. From dedicated media rooms to family rooms, we design systems for every level of performance and budget. Just pass the popcorn.

Signal Enhancement

There are wonderful things about living in the country.  The signal reception is often not one of them.

Davenport Communications can help you magnify your signal which can result in better television signals, stronger cellular telephone reception, and faster internet.

Fire and security monitoring

Davenport Communications can help protect your home from fire, water damage, and intruders.

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